Our Programs

All of our program components are taught by experienced teaching staff who are educated in the unique and specific needs of early care and education. Our staff at Community Care Preschool & Child Care, genuinely care about children desiring their success in all areas of development: social, physical, emotional, and cognitive.

Our Infant Program

In our infant program our teachers and parents work together very closely to help meet the needs of our babies. Ongoing communication about the needs of infants includes preferences in eating, sleeping, and other routines as well as discussion on the overall development of the child. Daily information sheets are used to help facilitate this communication. When you bring your child in, we ask parents to complete a Daily Sheet providing us with information so that we may continue care consistent in meeting your baby’s needs throughout the day. When you pick your child up, that same form will have a timeline and comments of your child’s time with us. Read more...  

Our Toddler Program

Our program for toddlers provides a broad array of stimulating experiences within a reliable framework of routine. Parent and teacher communication is an important component of the program. Daily information sheets are used to facilitate communication between our teachers and our parents. Separation anxiety can be an issue for children at this age. We encourage parents to share their feelings or frustrations, and teachers will offer their support and available resources (literature, brochures, guidelines, etc.). Read more...

Our Two Year Old Program

These programs emphasize the increasing independence of the two year old child, and the increasing concepts and skills of the three year olds. Self help skills are a focus as children enter the "I can do it myself" stage. Teachers work closely with parents on beginning toilet training and other issues. Many opportunities are provided for the group(s) to explore, experiment, and master their environment. Interest centers that include dramatic play, art, music, fine motor, sensory, books and large and small motor activities are available. Short group times will include stories, finger plays, and movement. Teacher interactions will emphasize the importance of language development as this will facilitate the understanding that they need guidance and reassurance while being allowed flexibility, understanding, and individuality.

Our Pre-School Program

Young children learn by doing. Our curriculum for preschoolers will focus around the concept of hands-on learning. Teachers will plan and prepare an environment that provides stimulating and challenging activities. Teachers will act as facilitators by modeling appropriate language, providing additional information for children relating to their interests, expanding upon ideas, and fostering positive interactions between children. Read more...

Our Pre-Kindergarten or 4K (4 year old kindergarten) Program

The Pre-K program is designed to meet the needs of children entering kindergarten in the next year. We are proud to partner with the Beaver Dam Unified School District to provide the curriculum needed to help our youngest district students prepare for kindergarten. All areas of development are planned for with emphasis on cognitive, social, and self-help skills. Planning with themes allows focus on detailed concepts throughout a one or two week period. Interest centers, field trips, resource visitors, and art projects revolve around the theme. Children's understanding of the world will be enhanced by a variety of current projects. Children assist in many aspects of the classroom program enhancing their self-concept, self-help skills and understanding of working as a team. Self-help and daily living skills along with social and emotional development concepts are incorporated into the daily curriculum.

School Age and Day Camp Summer Program

Our school age children are welcome throughout the year during days off of school and before/after school; however, our most fun times come in the summer.  We have a program filled with a balance of educational opportunities and fun. We spend time at our local parks and libraries.  We find field trips that appeal to school age children’s energy and interest levels.  We believe in providing experienced supervision for our school age children.  Our goal is to provide structure, yet children can have choice and assist in the planning of summer activities.