Our Staff

Ms.Amanda’s Pandas-Toddlers---Ms. Amanda is a lifelong Beaver                                                                            Dam resident. She attended school after high school for early                                                                                  education. She received her 1 year diploma and began working at                                                                            Community Care. Her favorite age group to work with is                                                                                             toddlers. In May 2016 Amanda received her Early Childhood                                                                                   Associate Degree from Moraine Park.  In her free time she loves                                                                             to read, be outdoors and spend time with her family. 

Ms. Gabe--Teacher--Ms. Gabe has been with Community Care since 2016. She began as a student volunteer and went to school to receive her preschool credential. She currently works along side Ms. Amanda in our toddler room. 

Ms. Denise’s Dinosaurs—Twos/Threes—Ms. Denise has extensive experience working with children. She has a degree in special education from Illinois State. She taught preschool in southern Wisconsin for a time and came to Beaver Dam when her husband got a job here. She joined Community Care in 1997. Ms. Denise’s other love is music. She plays trumpet in the Beaver Dam Orchestra. Ms. Denise lives in Beaver Dam with her husband Tom. Her adult son Nathan lives in Brazil. 

Ms. Krista’s Kritters-Two's—Ms. Krista has worked with all ages of children in her career as a teacher both at Community Care and in the community. She has an associate degree in early education. She loves 4-H and has worked with kids there for many years. She has 3 boys of her own with her husband Tom. Ms. Krista enjoys gardening, scrapbooking and spending time with her family in her free time. 

Ms.Amber-4K Teacher—Ms. Amber has taught 4 year olds in Waunakee at another community collaborative. She's happy to be in Beaver Dam with her favorite age group of children. She lives in Sun Prairie. 

Ms. Maria-Teacher--Maria has 15 years of experience in the early care and education field. She has 2 grown children with her husband Dean. She loves spending time outdoors and is a fitness buff. Her passion for children shows in the attention she gives to each student in her care. 
Ms. Jeannine--4K Assistant--Ms. Jeannine has many years of early childhood experience. She went to school at Waukesha Technical College. She has 4 children and lives in Beaver Dam. She loves fishing with her husband in their free time. 

Ms. Char—Assistant Teacher/Lunch Professional---Ms. Char is often our go-to person for serving the children lunch. They look forward to the meals she brings to them each day. Ms. Char also substitute teaches in all of our classrooms. She has been working with children for some time. She received her 1 year child care diploma from Moraine Park. Ms. Char lives in Beaver Dam. She has many grandchildren that she spends her free time with. 

Grandma Karen—Assistant Teacher—All Rooms—Grandma Karen as she has affectionately become known as, has worked at Community Care over 15 years. She has 2 grown children of her own and 6 grandchildren. She loves the children and families she serves here at Community Care. You may see her out and about Beaver Dam with her husband. They attend many of their grand children’s events and enjoy spending time with them whenever they can. 

Ms. Karen W.—Administrative Assistant---Karen W. has been Community Care’s “right hand woman” as she is affectionately known as for over 25 years. Karen helps with schedules, tours, children’s files, bookkeeping, food ordering, question answering, phone answering, and much more. When Karen is not at work she is usually stamping, shopping or going out to eat with her sisters which are three of her favorite things to do.

Ms. Renae—Administrator/Director—Ms. Renae is a social worker and mom who met Community Care 16 years ago when her son was 2. Over time she had two more boys which she brought here. In 2007 Community Care needed a leader and Ms. Renae thought it would be great to be closer to her children. Since then she has helped lead us through the national accreditation process to become a 5 Star Center. She loves the staff, children and families here at Community Care and is passionate about excellent early education care and service. 

Staff photos provided by Keith Glasgow Photography.