Our Pre-School Program

Young children learn by doing. Our curriculum for preschoolers will focus around the concept of hands-on learning. Teachers will plan and prepare an environment that provides stimulating and challenging activities. Teachers will act as facilitators by modeling appropriate language, providing additional information for children relating to their interests, expanding upon ideas, and fostering positive interactions between children.

A daily schedule will be maintained with times planned for structured group activities both indoors and out, free choice play times, rest time, meals and self-care activities.

Play IS a child’s work. Children will be allowed to play, choosing from a variety of interest centers which include dramatic play, blocks, puzzles and manipulative toys, art and writing, science and math, books, music, and large motor areas. Group times may include stories, songs, finger plays, calendar, weather, a discussion of the day's events, and discussions about the events in the child's life.