Revised 12/2016

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Registration Fee

There is a $35 registration fee per child or maximum of $70 per family, which shall be paid upon acceptance of enrollment with our center.  This fee is non-refundable.

Holding Fee

There is a $100 holding fee for new infant enrollments and for any time your child will be gone from care for more than two weeks. For example, a parent may take maternity leave or have a summer off of work. In these instances, the family will be charged $100 to hold the space and upon starting or returning to care, $65 will be credited to your child care account. The holding fee is non-refundable if care is not started or resumed. 

Weekly Schedules

Child care schedules are due at the center by 6 p.m. every Thursday for care the following week.  You may submit a schedule in the following ways:  call the center at 885-9472, e-mail the center at , or complete a schedule form and drop it in the box in our entry way.

A fee of $10 will be applied to your child care account for schedules submitted past 6 p.m. Thursday.  It is imperative to the operation of the center to receive schedules on time.  This way we can properly plan our staffing to meet your child care needs.

Default of Enrollment

Following enrollment, if we do not receive a schedule from you for two weeks, your child care spot will be considered open and may be given to another family. 

Changes in Schedules

 Please call the center to inform us of unplanned changes to your schedule. We are obligated by state licensing to call parents if children do not arrive at their scheduled times; therefore, informing us of your schedule change will be greatly appreciated.

There may be times due to staffing arrangements that changes to schedules cannot be accepted.  We will accept changes in schedules on a space available basis.  Please be sure to check with the Administrative Assistant or Administrator regarding changes to your schedule.

Field Trips

Field trips are an important extension of our program.  It is an opportunity for new learning experiences.  We welcome parents to join us on field trips.  Your daily child care rate will still apply; however, as a chaperone, Community Care will pay any admission fees for you to attend.

If your child is not signed up to attend the field trip, you will need to make other child care arrangements as there will not be adequate staff at the center to care for extra children.

Any fees associated with field trips will be added to your child care account.  A field trip permission slip will be posted on your parent board with any costs explained and activities outlined prior to the trip.

Late Child Pick-Up Fee

Community Care closes promptly at 6 p.m..  Parents who do not pick their children up by 6 p.m. will be charged $5 for every 5 minutes past 6 p.m.  This fee will be charged to your child care account and will be given directly to the teacher who stayed late to care for your child.

Payment of Fees

Statements will be posted weekly based on the schedule parents provide. If a schedule is not provided by 6 p.m. Thursday, the most current schedule will be used and parents will be charged accordingly.

The following payment choices are available:

=       Monthly My Wi Child Care EBT card payments

=       ACH withdraw from checking or savings account,  weekly or bi-weekly

=       Cash or check payments deposited in the payment box,  weekly or bi-weekly

If accounts are not paid in full by your chosen payment time frame, a schedule will not be taken. Once your account is paid in full, services may resume at the next weekly scheduling opportunity. If your account remains past due for two weeks, your spot will be considered open and may be given to another family.

Non-Sufficient Funds (NSF) Return Fee

If your check or direct withdrawal is returned unpaid due to non-sufficient funds, you authorize us to add a $25 Return Fee to your child care account.

United Way Funding

Community Care is a United Way agency.  We receive funds to assist families in times of crisis like sudden illness of a parent or job loss of a parent.  Other crises include non-custodial parent abandonment or home loss.  Please contact the Administrator if you are experiencing any of these issues.  We can provide short-term financial assistance to families who are experiencing any of these crises. 

My Wi Child Care EBT Card

Community Care accepts funding from the State of Wisconsin's My Wi Child Care EBT Card.  Parents must prove eligibility prior to enrolling in the center. Parents who use this program may have additional charges not covered by the program. It is each parent’s responsibility to apply for this funding with the county agency where they reside and renew, as necessary.  The My Wi Child Care EBT Card program does not fund registration fees, field trip fees, or other penalty fees.  

Summary of Fees

The following is a list of non-tuition related fees charged by this center:

  • Registration Fee: a onetime $35 fee charged upon enrollment at the center.
  • Late Schedule Fee: a $10 fee will apply for schedules submitted past the 6 p.m. Thursday scheduling deadline.
  • Late Pick-Up Fee: this fee is charged when parents arrive to pick up their children past the 6 p.m. closing time—$5 for every 5 minutes past 6 p.m.   
  • Holding Fee: $100 holds a spot for a non-scheduling period longer than two weeks. The holding fee also applies to families planning to enroll an infant. A $65 credit will be applied to your account upon the child’s return to care.  
  • Field Trip Fee: field trip permission slips will be posted for parents in ample time of any field trip, and costs for each trip will be clearly communicated.
  • Non-Sufficient Funds Return Fee: a $25 fee will be added to your child care account if your check or direct withdrawal is returned unpaid.