Our Infant Program

In our infant program our teachers and parents work together very closely to help meet the needs of our babies. Ongoing communication about the needs of infants includes preferences in eating, sleeping, and other routines as well as discussion on the overall development of the child. Daily information sheets are used to help facilitate this communication. When you bring your child in, we ask parents to complete a Daily Sheet providing us with information so that we may continue care consistent in meeting your baby’s needs throughout the day. When you pick your child up, that same form will have a timeline and comments of your child’s time with us.

The interactions between each baby and their teachers are a primary factor in quality. Our teachers are warm, nurturing, and sensitive to the needs of the children in their care. Teachers will smile at, sing to, hold, cuddle, rock, talk, and play with infants. When infants are fussy, a whole person approach is used. We look at all facets of the child’s situation to see how we can comfort. Does the child have an unmet need? Through the close bond we form with you and your child, we learn what their needs are and strive to anticipate and meet them. A variety of rattles, mobiles, pictures, squeaky toys, busy boxes, stuffed animals, mirrors, blocks, and other age appropriate toys will be provided to the children. As weather permits the curriculum will include walks in the stroller and time spent outside on the playground.