Our Toddler Program

Our program for toddlers provides a broad array of stimulating experiences within a reliable framework of routine. Parent and teacher communication is an important component of the program. Daily information sheets are used to facilitate communication between our teachers and our parents. Separation anxiety can be an issue for children at this age. We encourage parents to share their feelings or frustrations, and teachers will offer their support and available resources (literature, brochures, guidelines, etc.).

Toddlers learn through their own experiences, trials and errors, imitation, classifications, and repetition, repetition, repetition. The program is designed to facilitate positive teacher interactions with children that include acceptance, patience, responsiveness, modeling, warmth, and flexibility. When a toddler is distraught or upset, again we will look to see if there is an unmet need. At times in teaching the children appropriate behaviors they become sad, upset, or distraught. If the child needs hugs or other touch, it will be given. If that child needs time to calm himself, that will also be given to them based on the circumstances that caused the emotion for them. Teachers are supportive of toddlers as they acquire many new skills. Routines such as eating, sleeping, and changing are utilized as learning experiences. Examples of toys will include push and pull toys, rocking horses, mats, blocks, sorters, dolls, puppets, safe mirrors, telephones, puzzles, books, climbing equipment, and more. Activities are planned that encourage all areas of development.

All staff are in-serviced and trained as to the importance of cuddling, rocking, and changing the positions frequently of all infants and toddlers. We believe that infants and toddlers need the same caregivers on a regular basis for safe, secure feelings and bonding of these little people in the absence of their parents.